Delphine Pouillé, plasticienne

The work

Tropical Waterworld is a fitness water park dreamed up by David Lodge in one of his novels. Here it consists of a collection of sculptures distributed around several plots on the site of the étang de Clermont. Each of the sculptures originates from the same drawing suggesting a body, or more accurately a bust. This is transferred to fabric in order to obtain a membrane which is then inflated with expanding foam.
In Tropical Waterworld, the bodies are injured and patched together. They are extended by fragments from other bodies or old sculptures. Other materials such as wood or cement consolidate and reinforce these broken bodies. Their staging, in particular through the use of leisure equipment such as a swing frame or an inflatable pool, springs from a desire to recreate a domestic ambience inspired by the meticulously kept pleasure gardens which are interspersed throughout the Hortillonnages site.

The artist

Born in Clermont-Ferrand in 1979, Delphine Pouillé lives and works in Paris and in Vienna. She is a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the University of Rennes and has taken part in many joint and solo exhibitions in Europe, in particular as part of the Horizons Festival in the Massif du Sancy.