Colectif élément collectif :
Marion Flament, Soline Portmann, Jimme Cloo, plasticiens

The work

Facing the jetty of the Port à Fumier, three thousand golden rods wave in the wind, like an amazing field of wheat placed on the water. This installation is presented by the plastic artists Jimme Cloo, Marion Flament and Soline Portmann, and takes its name from the ancestor of modern cereals, aegilops or goatgrass, a wild form of wheat. A reminder of the origin of wheat, and of the agricultural origins of the Hortillonnages Gardens; these market garden islands, fertilised by mud scraped from the canals, which in former times produced tasty vegetables, in a location set between sky, land and water. Ancient practices which today are tending to die out, at the same time as these cultivated plots are disappearing. Here, this new field hides a secret flotation system: each rod is fitted with a cork painted black, which makes the cultivated patch sensitive to the air and to the current. A way of re-establishing harmony between plant life, artificiality and the elements, while near the banks, the painted rods mingle with the reeds.

The artist

Jimme Cloo, Marion Flament and Soline Portmann, who were trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, constantly interweave the art of the stage and the garden, transforming scenography and performance into a new source of inspiration for creative landscape design, notably for the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, in Chantilly and in Courson.