Marion Ponsard, Clara Vulliez
Collectif Les Super Rangeurs de l’Espace

The work

The basis of this work is to bring order to the landscape. The “Super Rangeurs de l’éspace” have dedicated their work to the memory of Raymond Goût, whose organisation fought to preserve the marshes by dredging and removing excess vegetation. Voluntarily absurd and infinite, their project is to arrange a parcel of fallow marsh using market gardening techniques used in the past on this overgrown land. From clearing the undergrowth to making new furrows, this duo of artists has tackled with great seriousness the tidying of this place, imposing strict and precise classification criteria. Wood, leaves, rocks, young shoots and wild grasses, all the materials present on the site have been analysed and arranged in a new order using the principal feature of the vegetable plot, the row. In perpetual movement, the space then assumes the appearance of primitive encampments or archaeological excavations, overwhelmed by this manic attempt to bring order to the life.

The artist

“Les Super Rangeurs de l’Espace” is defined as a duo of artists practicing “Household Art” and is made up of Marion Ponsard, a landscape gardener and artist born in 1987, and Clara Vulliez, herbalist and artist born in 1988. Their work blends landscaping with works that use classification and taxonomy in a vain attempt to bring order to the landscape.