Manon Bordet-Chavanes, Marie Brégeon, Johann Laskowski, paysagistes

The work

The world presented by the landscape designers Manon Bordet-Chavanes, Marie Brégeon and Johann Laskowski is based on a reflection on food. Sphère nourricière, as their garden is called, is organised around a hemisphere of plants. At the entrance to the route, cracked and impoverished ground leads the visitor through a bare environment, rendered sterile by intensive farming: to find abundance again, the visitor must move towards the centre of the garden, under a sky of fertile drops. The latter, symbolised by calabashes, are symbolic of the benefits of eco-friendly farming techniques. From ramial chipped wood to lasagne gardening, they are depicted in small, lush craters, through an educational route which finishes under a dome of woven willow. Inside, ivies and brambles make way for blooming and flowery vegetation: a city-garden, where edible, perfumed and colourful plants grow, in a biosphere where balance has been restored.

The artist

Manon Bordet-Chavanes is the founder of Terres Paysagées and an agronomist. Here she collaborates with two landscape designers, Marie Brégeon and Johann Laskowski: the first works on communal gardens with a medical role, while the second, trained in agro-ecological techniques, supports small scale and urban farming projects through his agency Epigénie. Acting as a collective, they use this project to question their profession.