Collectif CoacheLacaille&Georges :
Victor Lacaille, Maxime Coache, Thibault Barbier, Luc Dallanora­, paysagistes

The work

The first development installed right in the city centre as part of the Art, cities & landscape festival, this garden enjoys a special location, not far from Amiens cathedral. It is located behind the Tourist Office, an area characterised by its long, narrow dimensions, reminiscent of the cultivated plots of the Hortillonnages gardens and their drainage lines… A linear shape which the landscape designers of the Coache-Lacaille agency and atelier Georges have succeeded in transforming into a real urban meeting place: in fact, in this elongated garden there is now an alley where you can play Picardian skittles, formerly very common in the region. With equipment available from the Tourist Office, whether you are a resident or visitor, it’s good to settle down and play a game or simply chat. This location, which was previously a plant free zone is now, with its range of planting and its solid wood furniture, reminiscent of the Hortillonnages market gardens nearby, and as a thoroughfare, is an invitation to party and get together.

The artist

After studying at the École Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage in Blois, the landscape designers Victor Lacaille and Maxime Coache got together in 2013, driven by the same vision of improving the living environment, and beautifying everyday locations. Here they form a team with atelier Georges, founded by the engineer Lolita Voisin, a doctor in urban development at François Rabelais University in Tours, and by Thomas Nouailler, an architect from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Clermont-Ferrand, to design the first urban garden in the Art, cities & landscape festival.