The work

In the Hortillonnages, small islands appear and disappear over time. It is unusual to witness the birth of an island so artist Charles-Henry Fertin has staged the formation of one. Made from a sheet of metal formed into a mound, it has been placed in a stream where it seems to gently emerge from the depths. Like a second skin that the artist has placed on the water, the new island closely follows the variations in the level of the streams, moving as the current oscillates. In constant evolution, the island allows Charles-Henry Fertin to contemplate the Hortillonnages through scenography. Throughout the festival, the island and its tiny fluctuations will imperceptibly transform the panorama and at the same time will integrate into it.

The artist

Born in 1982 he graduated from the school of Beaux-Arts in Paris, the artist Charles-Henry Fertin conducts research on the in-between, where the relationships which maintain the object in the space are of central importance. His sculptures have minimalist volumes, sometimes driven by a concealed motor.