L’Atelier du Gründberg :
Yvan Cappelaere, Mylène Andreoletti, David Belamy, paysagistes

The work

In order to conserve the market gardening style of the Hortillonnages, why not produce beer there? That was the objective that the Atelier du Gründberg set itself, to create a beer for the Art, cities & landscape festival. A fragrant, aromatic and bitter drink made from Humulus Lupulus, the hop of the marshes, a perennial climber with pale yellow flowers, and a lover of humidity. Although its cultivation has almost disappeared from the Picardy region, it is however very easy to grow there, using espalier trellises 6 to 8 metres high, and supported by a wooden framework with guy wires fixed into the ground. So here they are beginning their grand comeback in the cultivated marshland of Amiens, in a hop field transformed into a garden, with hammocks slung underneath the climbers: lush floral trellises, supports for growth which transform into a place for sharing, similar to the German beer gardens where you can enjoy a beer with the family amongst the greenery, or perhaps the open-air cafés of the beginning of the 20th century, where you can drink and celebrate by the water’s edge… As well as questioning the relationships between the city and the country, the space therefore offers its visitor the chance to experience a flavour of local produce, as they enjoy a drink…

The artist

The Atelier du Gründberg brings together three landscape designers who are graduates of the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles,Yvan Cappelaere, Mylène Andreoletti and David Belamy. This trio of designers met during their studies and here attempts a “lupuline” artistic and gardening experiment, midway between market gardening and urban gardening.