Wilson Trouvé, plasticien

© Yann Monel

The work

Reflecting the landscape through simple gestures, that’s the basic philosophy of the visual artist Wilson Trouvé: since 2010, the artist has been radicalising his practices in favour of a minimalist approach, by incorporating mirrors into his works. Just like grooves, thirty or so lines cut through the landscape: the device is simple, steel bars, hollow tubes five centimetres wide, onto which are fixed  thin strips of plexiglass mirror. Planted in the soil, these three metre high vertical lines alter the size of the space and the depth of the field, introducing a rhythm into the natural environment. Depending on the tilt of surfaces and lines, they reflect fragments of the sky, of wood and water: these images, stolen from the panorama are firmly stamped at eye level and alter the location as much as they reveal it. A little like a collage or photomontage, these natural, randomly reflected additions offer the walker the chance to experience viewpoints of the Hortillonnages other than those encountered in a usual walk. A compositional work that is both reflective and reflecting, offering the walker a new way of looking at the Hortillonnages, and a real invitation to discover and stroll.

The artist

Born in 1980, Wilson Trouvé has lived in Brussels since 2014. This visual artist, who graduated from the Villa Arson in 2003, is distinctive for his multifaceted and multidisciplinary work. His works are installed outdors and are remarkable for their questioning of landscape and line. His work here is a continuation of his research into light, begun as part of the Art dans les Chapelles Festival in 2012.