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Collectif Disaster :
Pieterjan Grandry, Valentina Karga, Andrea Sollazzo, Louisa Vermoere, paysagistes

The work

Miracle Mountain, a project by the international collective Disaster, is based on the properties of compost: its four designers actually use what they consider to be a magical power – the production of hot water from green waste – to recreate a social link in the Hortillonnages gardens. They draw on the forgotten theories of the Franco-Swiss engineer Jean Pain, the inventor of the “Biomeiler”, an eco-friendly heating device: a network of pipes crosses a pile of compost, making a spring of 35°C water gush from this miraculous mountain. An unexpected sight in the marshland, creating a floral balneotherapy area, half natural, half artificial, where young and old are invited to soak their feet. This joyous and engaging place with its otherworldly appearance quietly emphasises the benefits of recycling, thus promoting encounter and discussion.

The artist

Created at the end of the 2000s by the Greek Valentina Karga, the Belgians Louisa Vermoere and Pieterjan Grandry and the Italian Andrea Sollazo, the Disaster collective is positioned at the crossroads of design, architecture and graphic design, research and performance. Although they have varied profiles, its members share strong concerns for the environment, and are involved in multiple collaborations which further sustainable development.