ARCANE – 2017

Yuhsin U Chang

accès à pied

The work

In his book The Hidden Life of Trees, the German forester Peter Wohlleben questions the secret connections between plants in the forest. Trees, like humans, communicate with each other using an underground and aerial network. This network, which scientists have named the “Wood-Wide-Web”, inspired organic sculptor Yuhsin U Chang to design a piece that appears to be levitating in the woods at the “’île aux Fagots”. Using as a model the interactions at work between the roots of trees, the artist has imagined this immaculate interlacing which seems to float in the middle of the tree trunks in the marshes. Its precarious balance reminds us of the fragility of the ecosystems around us, a delicate homage to the complexity of life, echoed by the invisible exchanges taking place beneath our feet.


The artist

Born in Taiwan in 1980, organic sculptor Yuhsin U Chang graduated from the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art” in Bourges. He uses wool, leather, wood, linen and even dust to explore the poetry of life through raw materials. His sculptures establish an intimate and dreamlike relationship with their context and suspend the headlong rush of this world.