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A-mar paysage et urbanisme :
Rozenn Duley, Grégory Dubu, paysagistes

The work

Wild and remote, this island was chosen by the A-mar agency to tell a story about  the rising of water levels: in fact, although they are often perceived as devastating, floods can also lead to renewal. By carrying along exotic seeds, one of them seems to have contributed here to the flourishing of a minuscule Garden of Eden, the two landscape artists tell us. A flourishing vegetation which may have attracted a mischievous genie: in order to move into the jumble of plants, this small spirit of the place seems to have assembled a series of nests, cocoons resulting from an attentive observation of the lake and the waterfowl. As a lover of shady spaces, the imaginary Hortillon gardener seems to have made use of the undergrowth in his gardening, helping the incoming plants to try their luck on the banks of the location. Botanical species from around the globe, Actaea, Rodgersia, Tricyrtis and Heuchera, stretch out their luxuriant foliage, making  the verdant island look like a cabinet of curiosities.  An unprecedented terrain for the walker to explore, and a real challenge for its designers: faced with the difficulty of access to the site, the landscape designers from the A-mar agency transformed the area in the manner of two Robinson Crusoes, with what was to hand… and the materials on the site!

The artist

After working for eight years with Paris agencies, Rozenn Duley and Grégory Dubu, both graduates from ENSP in Versailles, came together in 2012 to found the A-mar agency. There, these landscape designers have developed a «Home Made» approach, decidedly participative and particularly attached to the upgrading of wasteland and neglected sites.

Rozen Dully from Agence A-Mar is the winner of AJAP 2016 given by French Ministry of Culture and Communication for the five best young european landscapers.