SOLEIL & VENT – 2017

Chilpéric de Boiscuillé avec Raphaëlle Chéré // Société Sativa Paysage

The work

2000 years ago, Amiens was transformed into an enormous “floating garden” by silt deposited by the river Somme in flood.  This is how the Hortillonnages were born and the capital of Picardy rediscovers the Hortillonages today, while environmental concerns change the destiny of cities. Whether it regenerates its urban fabric, or creates new gardens, the Amiens metropolitan region seems to have resolutely embarked on this path. To confirm its evolution towards the sustainable city, two roundabouts at the entrance to Amiens have been redesigned by the agency Sativa Paysage. Powered by the elements, one uses the wind energy, in the form of a wind tree, while the second uses solar energy, with a sensor tracking the movement of the sun. Silently and in a complementary manner, these two works produce renewable energy and also participate in a sustainable way to animate these two roundabouts. An eco-friendly, low maintenance, ecological, nocturnal spectacle at both crossroads.

The artist

Founded in 2008, Sativa Paysage creates a professional space for ingenious landscapers, according to the director Chilpéric de Boiscuillé, who is also founder of the “École Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage” in Blois. From diagnosis to conception, crazy creativity and constructive rigour are the hallmarks at every stage.