REFLETS - 2017

Gilles Garreau, Jean Robaudi
Collectif Un102!


The work

The reflection of an alder tree falling into the pond in a slow fall to the ground is revealed by the surface of the water which doubles its image. On this end of the « île aux fagots” we are in the forest. A forest with a variety of old trees and in the heart of this forest, the competition for light. The trees grow higher reaching for the sky. The situation above takes priority over those below. Without light, the lower branches die and eventually fall. On the ground, wood attracts microbes to feed, decomposing the branches, releasing new nutrients into the soil, enriching it and giving rise to an ecosystem promoting the life of new vegetation in the undergrowth. Wood in all its forms becomes the essential element of this landscape project. In this composition, new shapes appear on the island … These forms are the beginnings of the future management of the site between spaces that are maintained and spaces that are untended.


The artist

Jean Robaudi graduated at Versailles. After a long internship with the collective Coloco, he is committed to sustainable farming. Gilles Garreau graduated at the École Nationale Supérieure de Marseille. He also has worked with Coloco and Wagon Landscaping. Under the banner of the “Un102! Collectif”, the two landscapers bring questions on ecology and economical use of resources to the centre of their landscape creations.